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Artist statement: In my daily life, as in my artistic practice, I seek to intertwine tenderness, femininity and sensuality with vibrant colors and a touch of silliness. I seek to capture the beauty in the ordinary, finding inspiration in the most mundane places, moments and objects. Use different media to express different ideas. My goal is to communicate a variety of thoughts and emotions. Additionally, I firmly believe that incorporating colorful touches into a space can improve the quality of life. I will continue to push the limits of my own creativity with each new project.

María Andrea Salazar is a self-taught artist, whose practice has established itself independently in the contemporary art scene. She discovered her passion for creativity and self-expression at an early age and continued studying under the direction of artist Ariel Guzmán in her hometown, with whom she worked for several years as an assistant in his art studio. During this period, practicing with Ariel led her to deepen her knowledge about the diversity of artistic techniques, while cultivating in her an expansive sense of curiosity, exploration, and autonomy. She has participated in various individual and group exhibitions organized by the Dos Mundos Gallery and the NUUP Collective in the city of Mérida and her work is in collections in Mexico and the United States, where she resides for one season of the year. María Andrea's artistic production brings together various cultural and aesthetic influences, finding subtle connections with the experiences of her inner world. While her work is often characterized by vibrant colors and nostalgic undertones, Maria finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the complexities of human emotions. 

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